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Defending the Rojava Revolution: Uninterrupted Resistance until November 1.

Since October 5, the fascist Turkish regime has been attacking the self-government in northern and eastern Syria again. By air attacks on hospitals, electricity plants and oil fields, i.e. on the livelihood of the self-government, a new major offensive is to be prepared. This represents a new development, a new level of attacks. Until now, although the Turkish regime has been planning a major offensive for more than a year, it had to limit itself to a low-intensity war with targeted attacks on political and military leaders of the self-government, because the Turkish regime had not received permission for a major offensive from the imperialist forces of the USA and Russia. The aim of the large-scale offensive is to occupy further parts of Rojava and to crush the self-government, a plan Erdogan has been pursuing since 2015.
With the attacks that have begun, the Turkish regime is trying to avenge itself for the self-sacrifice campaign in Ankara, for the military defeat in Bashur, the political defeat in Rojava and the diplomatic weakness internationally.
With the attacks, the political contradictions have also further escalated and reached a new level. On the same day as the Turkish attacks, there was an attack against Syrian soldiers in Homs, a Syrian attack against Turkish and political Islamic soldiers in Idlib. With the shooting down of a Turkish drone by the international coalition, contradictions within NATO at the military level have also intensified.
We, as progressive people, organizations, artists, journalists and migrants from Kurdistan, must not stand idly by and watch the attacks of the Turkish regime. We must strengthen the resistance in defense of the Rojava revolution. Therefore, we call on everyone to resist continuously until World Kobane Day, November 1, against the attacks of the Turkish regime, in defense of the revolution. The World Kobane Day embodies this uninterrupted resistance, which the people of Kobane and the self-government have led in the fight against the fascist IS gangs, and which we must now carry on.
We call on all progressive people, organizations, artists, journalists and migrants from Kurdistan to participate in actions in solidarity with the Rojava revolution, to organize their own rallies, demonstrations or other creative actions in the streets, to raise awareness in the places where we are, be it on social media, or in schools, universities and workplaces. Let’s also strengthen the building of international solidarity with Rojava and strengthen the preparations for World Kobane Day.