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TKŞ: 2024 will be a year of glory and freedom

We are following another year in which the working class and all oppressed people have spent the struggle for freedom under the attacks of the capitalist-imperialist, patriarchal, fascist regime. The year 2023 was a difficult year for all oppressed people in the world, especially in the Middle East. It was full of labor exploitation, hunger and poverty, invasion attacks, wars and conflicts. Sexual assaults and massacres against women increased. The world is heading for an ecological catastrophe. The struggle for survival has become even more difficult for billions of poor people. The repressive fascist Turkish state continued its invasion attacks on the territory of Rojava and South Kurdistan with the approval of the imperialist forces. Due to the betrayal of the PDK-Barzanî line, there were new attacks on the Medya defense areas. Dozens of villages were evacuated and attacked with heavy weapons. They carried out thousands of bombings and airstrikes. Powerfully from the silence of the world, crimes against humanity were committed with chemical weapons and tactical nuclear bombs. Dozens of air strikes by drones led to new massacres in Makhmur, Şengal and Sulaimani. The guerrilla forces showed great determination in the resistance areas, especially in Zap and Khakurk, and confronted the invaders. In Afrin, Girê Spî and Serekaniyê, the occupied cities of Rojava, and in Bakur and Eastern Syria, crimes against humanity have increased. The Turkish state, which brought about a demographic change in the region, resettled the families of the gangs that had brought them to the region. Indiscriminate attacks continued in the form of crimes against humanity, such as ransom extortion, looting and confiscation of property. In 2023, as in previous years, the bombings of our cities continued without interruption. The economic embargo and the border blockade against the revolutionary area continued. While MİT tried to establish a spy network, SİHA attacked and assassinated leading cadres of the revolution. They tried to organize internal attacks through ISIS remnants and some tribes. In the months of October and December, the Turkish government carried out a destruction attack on the infrastructure and service buildings of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. Residential areas and workplaces were bombed from the air. Dozens of patriots were killed. When the fascist government tried to liquidate our system of self-government, it forced the people of Rojava to migrate, whose lives are becoming more difficult day by day. When the Damascus regime imposed an embargo on our people in Shehba, it tried to create unrest on the border of Deir ez-Zor. But the imperialist forces and their partners could not overcome the people’s will to resist. Our Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syrian, Armenian, Yazidi and Turkmen people did not give in to the attacks. They took a stand for the revolution and declared that they would never leave their country. With their actions against the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries, the revolutionary forces sent the message that the struggle will continue until all invaders are eliminated. The year 2024 will be characterized by major confrontations with the experiences of the previous year. It will open the door to a new resistance for the people of the Middle East and the world, especially our people in North and East Syria and Palestine. The resistance of the people of Palestine and Kurdistan has proven once again that honor and freedom are only possible if you pay the price.

The resistance of the oppressed increases the hope of people around the world. New challenges await us in the new year. We will resist the capitalist-imperialist system, oppression and patriarchy. We will not bow to any attack. We will pay the price for freedom and not give in. In 2024, we will engage in struggles that will elevate and win the dignity of humanity.