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TKŞ Qamişlo: 20th anniversary of the uprising in Qamişlo

We are on the 20th anniversary of the genocide and uprising in al-Qamishli. 20 years ago, Saddam Hussein’s BA’ATHIST regime was overthrown in Iraq and the Administration of the Kurdistan Region was established in South Kurdistan. Of course, this affected both the four parts of Kurdistan and the region as a whole. Therefore, all four states in the region were established on the territory of Kurdistan and the kurdish achievement shall affect all of Kurdistan and the region, and fear has fallen into the hearts of the invaders of other parts.

At the political level, they have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the establishment of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Against these Kurds, all four parts of the administration of South Kurdistan have come out and said “we have something now, there has been a Kurdistan”. But the Syrian BA’ATHIST regime and Saddam’s supporters, who were poisoned by the ruling Arab chauvinism and became the basis of ISIS, prevented the Kurds from rejoicing in Kurdistan.

On March 12, 2004, people who came to Al-Qamishli under the name of watching a football game attacked the Kurdish people with stones and trees. Baas regime soldiers and police also joined the attackers and fired shots at the people. After that, for days, the regime wanted to silence the Kurds, break the will of the Kurdish people so that they would not have their martyrs and the achievement of South Kurdistan. They knew that the Kurds of West Kurdistan who had been left unidentified could organize themselves and seek their own administration, language, identity and human rights. With this fear, they attacked the people of Al-Qamishli. Against this attack, the people of al-Qamishli resisted in the streets and rebelled in other cities of West Kurdistan and in the major Syrian cities of The Kurds. As a result of these attacks, more than 40 people were martyred in Kurdistan.

But as soon as the martyrs were born, the Kurdish people had their martyrs and did not leave the streets. This was the first Kurdish uprising against the BA’ATHIST regime. Of course, this March 12 attack was organized by the Syrian opposition and the Turkish MIT. Today, on the 20th anniversary of March 12, the BAAS regime is still cooperating with the Turkish MIT and is working to eliminate Kurdish gains.

Our call is to the Arab people of Syria;
Do not become the games of the occupying Turkish state and the invading Syrian regime. For the fraternity of peoples to be established in the region, every nation must have its own state and manage itself. Equality occurs only after justice. Therefore, our people in the West must have the martyrs of March 12 and the Rojava revolution and advance their revolution. The only way to defeat chauvinism is to unite the struggle and revolution of the peoples.

That is why we say long live the united revolution of West Kurdistan and Syria. The martyrs of March 12 do not die, the martyrs of the Rojava revolution do not die!

TKŞ Qamişlo