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New airstrikes on Rojava, Let’s defend the revolution!

Since Saturday evening, December 23, the Turkish army has launched a new wave of attacks on civilian settlements and infrastructure on the self-administration of North East Syria. On December 25, 8 civilians were killed during an airstrike. In a summary report issued by the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the North and East Syria Region (DAANES), attacks with drones and heavy weapons on residential buildings, grain silos, a clinic, a train station, production facilities, a construction company, roads, a neighborhood in Hesekê and ten checkpoints of the Internal Security Forces in Cizîrê and Kobanê see confirmed. As in previous attacks by the Turkish fascist state, it is clear that the attacks are primarily directed against civilian infrastructure that guarantees the livelihood of the people in North-Eastern Syria. Turkey’s assaults continue to pursue the goal of destroying the successes of the revolution in Rojava. The timing of these attacks is no coincidence, nor is it arbitrary; on the one hand, they are a response to the adoption of the new social contract, which is intended to provide the basis for consolidating the achievements of the revolution among the peoples of North and East Syria. At the same time, they also serve as retaliatory actions in response to the large-scale guerrilla operation against the Turkish occupation in the southern Kurdish regions of Xakurke, Metîna and Zap on December 22 and 23, where the Turkish military suffered heavy losses. The Turkish state is using these developments to further strengthen its genocidal policy against the Kurdish people, especially against the peoples of North-East Syria, under the pretext of alleged self-defense.
In response to the Turkish state’s airstrikes against North-East Syria, the Co-Chair of the Self-Administration Executive Council, Hisên Osman, has called on the people of North-East Syria to defend themselves on the basis of legitimate self-defense and to protect the gains of the revolution. It emphasizes: “We remain committed to our ideals of uniting our peoples, realizing the project of the democratic nation, building a diverse Syria and consolidating our victory. We promise our citizens that we will protect our achievements. We will continue our struggle until we build a free society”.

We, outside of North-East Syria, must follow this call, as well, and take the resistance against the Turkish attacks on self-administration to the streets globally. It is our duty and obligation to expose and stop the support of the imperialist forces, such as NATO, for the Turkish war of aggression. Because the Turkish state is waging a war of aggression against the self-administration with the support of NATO. Only if we lead a broad and continuous resistance all over the world against the Turkish attacks and its imperialist supporters.
We call on all migrants from North and East Syria, all organizations of the working left, and all progressive people to take to the streets against the attacks of the Turkish state on the self-administration in North-East Syria.