You are currently viewing Founding Declaration of the People’s Bridge: We will strengthen the bridge between peoples, we will expand solidarity with Rojava/Northern Syria!

Founding Declaration of the People’s Bridge: We will strengthen the bridge between peoples, we will expand solidarity with Rojava/Northern Syria!


The revolution of July 19th in Rojava has opened a new door on the road to freedom for the Kurdish people and the other peoples of the region.

It broke the colonialist chains by using the democratic and freedom power and will of the peoples by not supporting the reactionary forces under the conditions of the reactionary civil war. The women carried out the women’s revolution on a line of gender liberation and organized women’s self-defense.

With the defeat of ISIS, the Northeast Syrian Federation of Kurdish, Arab, and regional Peoples became the center of attention for internationalists from around the world.

Revolutionaries, youth, libertarian individuals, organizations and parties from six continents flocked to Rojava/Northeast Syria to defend and develop the revolution.

For 12 years, the revolutionary administration of Rojava has been protecting its existence under the conditions of regional hegemony and imperialist divisional conflicts, under the siege and occupation by colonialist states, especially the colonial dictatorships of Syria and Turkey, while seeking the path of its development.

Since its foundation, Rojava/Northern Syria is not only Rojava. Rojava stands for a new way, a new way of life. It represents the self-management and the will of the peoples, women and youth within the reactionary conflicts in the Middle East.

In the face of intensifying imperialist competition and capitalist barbarism, it continues to be a place of hope for a new life for the peoples of the world.


We all have the responsibility to defend the beleaguered revolution and to strengthen and develop its infrastructure under the intensifying conditions.

The Democratic Forces of Syria, which, in addition to YPG/YPJ as the main force, also include socialist patriotic forces such as the MLKP are continuously continuing the preparation of revolutionary defense. One of the urgent tasks of this period is to strengthen the solidarity with them, to call the peoples and the oppressed to solidarity and to call for struggle against the imperialist powers that support the colonialist states, especially the Turkish Republic, politically, diplomatically and militarily in the war.

Our main motivation is to remain faithful to the legacy and memory of the dozens of internationalist revolutionaries, the Ivana Hoffmanns, Anna Campbells, Kevin Jochims and Özgür Namoğlus who flocked to Rojava from Europe.

While the revolution is being defended on one side, social construction continues and has to continue on the other. Organizing solidarity with besieged Rojava/Northeast Syria, carrying out actions to strengthen the infrastructure of the revolution, organizing support for problems that require technical, logistical and skilled workforces remains one of the main tasks of this period.

It is a unique responsibility of the internationalist socialists to make known to the world the voice of the socialist patriots, the active component of the revolution, their political work and the program they have created for Rojava and the region. The historic step for our democratic revolution to develop towards socialism is only possible with the active solidarity of the worldwide socialist movement.

The Bridge of People’s is founded to strengthen the solidarity with Rojava/Northeast Syria and to organize a unity that will overcome the siege.

Internationalist revolutionaries, solidarity institutions and organizations, socialists, all those fighting for women’s liberation, intellectuals!

Only by strengthening unity and solidarity we can overcome the wave of reaction that is sweeping the world and the siege of Rojava/Northern Syria as the first comprehensive revolutionary experience of our century.

In this critical period, strengthen the bridge between the peoples by participating in our solidarity work, by locally strengthening the solidarity with Rojava/Northeast Syria, following the accounts on social media and spreading their posts and the appeals from Rojava, calling the people in your area, workers, women, youth, LGBTI+ and trade unions to solidarity with Rojava/Northeast Syria!

Migrants from the four parts of Kurdistan and Northeast Syria!

On the one side there is your homeland, which you had to leave, and on the other side is Europe, where you live as migrants with all kinds of difficulties.

As migrant workers in Europe, strengthen the solidarity with the peoples living in Rojava/Northeast Syria, tell the workers of the country you are living in about Rojava, offer different ways to defend the revolution and strengthen its infrastructure, and organize yourselves.

Take up the People’s Bridge founded for this purpose, carry it forward, give it strength! Now is the time to strengthen solidarity with Rojava/Northeast Syria!

Long live the Rojava revolution! Long live the women’s revolution!

Long live international solidarity!

June 17, 2023

People’s Bridge for International Solidarity and Support with Rojava/NE Syria